Tandoori Oven


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Tandoori Oven

This is a large sized Shaan Tandoori Oven available in LPG and natural gas. Please specify which you would like upon placing your order.

This tandoori oven comes with a pilot ignition and flame safety device. It also has a temperature guage up to 450 degrees. The burner on this tandoori oven is unique due to flame given from the sides. This is important because most clay ovens have a ring burner which releases flame vertically.

Therefore due to this the heat escapes through the opening of the tandoori oven. Whereas for the unique designed burner that shaan offers on their tandoori clay ovens. It is the opposite because it releases the heat from the side therefore heat hits the clay pot first.

This is an important aspect because the first thing you do is turn on your tandoori oven so it is ready to start making your naans. Well this tandoori clay oven gets heated up in no time so no need to panic.

Please note that this tandoori oven may have to be assembled on site due to the size.

Please confirm if you need this before placing your order. You will need 30″ door space in order for this tandoori oven to fit in one piece.

We can also arrange to have this tandoori oven delivered outside of  UK please ask for a quote. Please note any tandoori ovens which are sent via a courier service only come with parts only warranty. Also any tandoori ovens sent out of the UK come with only part warranty please ask for details on which parts are covered.

All of our tandoori ovens come with a set of skewer, spice containers ,tandoori plate, stones and gas hose.




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Weight 275 kg
Dimensions 30 × 34 × 34 in


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