Tandoori Oven


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Tandoori Oven

This is a large sized Shaan Tandoori Oven available in natural gas, Lpg and charcoal.

Our tandoori oven comes with a pilot ignition and flame failure device. The burner on this tandoori oven is unique due to flame given from the sides. This is particularly important because most tandoori ovens have a ring burner which releases flame vertically which can take time for the tandoors to heat up faster.

The clay pot is approximately 2 inch or more in thickness and is hand made. Adequate Insulation is used for minimal heat drop when not in use. Our tandoori ovens can heat up to 450 degrees, we have a manual temperature guage installed.

We have a compressed top which seals around the top of the tandoori oven clay pot, this only does not give you a clean hygiene finish on the top but also plays a big role in not allowing the heat to escape from the tandoori and avoiding cold spots on the clay pot.

With our tandoors you will receive a cast iron tandoori plate with a pack of tandoori stones and a set of skewers. We also provide a gas hose for UK customers only as gas hoses for Europe can vary.

We have listed 2 videos below one of which shows how to repair minor hair line cracks which can appear due to wear and tear over time. We provide a tub of original clay with all our tandoori ovens.





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Weight 275 kg
Dimensions 30 × 34 × 34 in


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