Commercial Cookers,Tandoori Oven & Canopy Extraction System.


We are UK based supplier of a wide selection of catering equipment.We specialize in commercial cookers,tandoori ovens and canopy extraction systems.

We at KSL have been supplying and installing canopy extraction systems for over 7yrs.We cater for all types of commercial kitchens.Our canopy extraction system are manufactured to your specification.We use plain finish stainless steel sheets.However if you require your canopy hood manufactured with circle polish sheets this can easily be done.

Being that we are a distributor  for commercial cookers,tandoori ovens and canopy extraction systems.We choose who we wish to buy our catering equipment,s from.

Like our commercial cookers we have many manufacturers locally available to us.But wish to deal with a reputable company who manufacture and purchase their material from the UK.To make you a commercial cooker to last.

We have three main sizes available in our commercial cooker range.First you have the 6 burner commercial cooker  which is available with one oven.You then have the 9 burner commercial cooker  which has space for two commercial ovens.Last you have the 12 burner commercial cooker which also has space for two ovens and a decent sized shelf in between or on either side of the cooker.

Same applies to our tandoori ovens.Again we only deal with shaan tandoori oven and have been their distributor for over 7yrs.

We have four sizes available in the tandoori oven range but only two sizes are most commonly used.Like our medium sized tandoori oven.You then have the large sized tandoori oven which normally requires building on site.

 We have many suppliers who we deal with who have helped us build a reputable company due to their products being of a high Parry catering,Vestfrost,Sammic catering and Robotcoupe.