Tandoori Burner

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Tandoori Burner

This tandoori burner is best used for shaan tandoori clay ovens and is compatible for both sizes medium tandoori oven and for the large clay oven.

However this tandoori burner can be used on other types of tandoori clay ovens but minor adjustments may need to be made.But if you can have this burner installed in your clay oven you will not be disappointed because this is the only burner which gives a powerful flame from the side and not from the top.

This helps the clay pot to heat up faster instead of the heat going vertical.The other advantage is that because you have the holes for the flame on the sides of the tandoori burner,the holes never gets blocked were as on a standard clay oven burner the holes are at the top and is very common for the burner to get blocked due to the debris from tandoori stones and from all the food which is being cooked in the clay oven.

This then causes the flame to be un even which is not good for your clay pot.The last thing we would like to point out is that this tandoori burner is made out of stainless steel and not cast iron therefore it is highly unlikely to crack on you.We have seen these burners operate for more than 5 years with no problems.

This burner includes full pilot assembly


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