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I finally have decided to do a blog on different types of tandoor oven available from KSL.


Lets begin with our small tandoori oven, this tandoori oven is for commercial use. However due to its size it is not our popular seller for commercial use, but is more popular for our customers who want to use for the home. We have found that due to the top opening of  the tandoori oven, it can be difficult to make naan breads and insert skewers at the same time. Therefore this can be an issue during busy times. Buy your small tandoori oven now online.

Small Tanoor Oven dimensions.

Size 1] H 810mm W 660mm D 760mm Pot dimensions top 260mm middle 610mm weight 125kg.


Now this medium tandoori oven is our best and fast seller. Without a doubt it can cater for busy restaurants, fast food and takeaways. You will have no problems in making naans and inserting skewers at the same time. We have many customers asking us how many naan breads are you able to make at the same time. The answer to this is not straight forward. Why because the size of the naan bread is different for each individual. I myself normally say a good experienced tandoori chef will be able to do atleast 10 naan breads in one go based on approximately 10″ dimension.

Medium Tanoor Oven dimensions.

Size 2] H 860mm W 710mm D 820mm top 330mm middle 660mm weight 175kg. Your medium tandoori oven is available to buy online now.


Our large tandoori oven can do all the above and can give you a little more working space. Personally I always recommend the medium tandoori oven. This is because the medium tandoori oven fits nicely through a standard 28″ door. Whereas with the large tandoori oven you will most likely need to have it assembled onsite due to not going through a standard door. It is not a problem for us to assemble onsite I just think for an extra £100.00 their is not much difference in the medium and large. But if you have the 30″ door space than atleast you will save the £50.00 assemble fee and might want to consider the large tandoori oven.

Large Tanoor Oven dimensions.

Size 3] H 860mm W 760mm D 860mm top opening 380mm middle 740mm weight 175kg. Check out the large tandoori oven now.


Before you decide to buy our extra large tandoor oven look in to our taftoon oven range. You wont be disappointed.

Extra Large Tanoor Oven dimensions.

Size 4] H 860mm W 810mm D 920mm top opening 380mm middle 790mm weight 195kg.


KSL are one of the first companies to introduce this unique styled taftoon oven. This taftoon oven is specially designed for Kurdish, Iranian and Persian naan breads. Why because these types of naan breads are much longer or atleast bigger than the tradition Indian naan breads. Taftoon ovens are designed to make longer and bigger naan breads. The height is higher than the biggest tandoori oven and the top is on a slant rather than being straight. Our medium taftoon oven is by far the best range to buy.
Medium Taftoon Oven dimensions.

Size 1a] H 1250mm W 710mm D 950mm



Large taftoon oven is not as popular as our medium taftoon oven. But I would personally purchase a large taftoon oven if you are someone looking for a tandoor oven bigger than our large tandoori. So go ahead and buy your large taftoon oven from KSL now.

Large Taftoon Oven dimensions.

Size 1b] H 1250mm W 790mm D 1050mm


This is basically made out of our large tandoori oven pot and tiled to your choice. We can even have some stainless steel tables made to sit beside this beautiful mosaic tandoori oven. Please check out our full range of mosaic tandoori ovens available online.

mosaic tandoori

I hope this information helps you decide which tandoori or taftoon will be best for you. We are just one call away from you, if you require any further help or advice. We also have a dedicated team available out of hours till 12 midnight Monday to Saturdays. So simply call us on +441922 660412 or email us on

Sorry forgot to mention make sure you buy a tandoori gaddi with any of your tandoori ovens.

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