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Shaan Tandoori Clay Oven

Shaan Tandoori Clay Oven

shaan tandooriTandoori burner


Hi i am sure you have heard of the brand shaan tandoori clay oven.It has been around now for a while and has been highly recommended by our customers.We have had a very good feedback on this brand and therefore have no reason to distribute or promote any other brands.

One of the main reasons we and our customer like this product is solely because of its powerful tandoori burner.Why because it releases the flame from the side other than the top.The advantage of this is that you won’t get any debris blocking the holes.Which causes the burner to give an unsteady flame.Now this can be a big problem when it gets busy at the restaurant and you are only able to make your naans on one side of the shaan tandoori clay oven.

Now for the second advantage is that because of its flame being on its side.The clay pot gets the heat first instead of it going vertical.For our final point we have seen this burner give over 5 yrs of service.This is because it is made out of stainless steel and not your average cast iron ones which start to crack eventually.

This is why we are distributors and wholesalers for this product we only want to supply the best branded products to our customers.

How to use your Shaan Tandoori Clay Oven

When you first get your hands on your new tandoori oven make sure to keep it on low heat for a minimum of 2 hours.It is advisable to keep on low heat for as long as you can.

With your new tandoori oven we provide you with a pot of clay.This is used when you start to see hair line cracks so you can repair straight away.These minor hair line cracks will not affect your tandoori in any way.Only when you start to notice the tandoori clay pot cracks have increased in thickness then you need to contact us.

Make sure to replace any tandoori stones and tandoori plate when required.

So why not purchase your tandoori oven right now simply by clicking this link tandoori oven or visit tandoori clay oven

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