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Commercial Cooker How To Use

Commercial Cooker How To Use

We have written this post to explain how to maintain and use your commercial cooker.We first would like to give you some information on this commercial cooker and reasons why should buy from us.We are distributors for this commercial cooker brand and have many reasons to stick to this brand.

As you may be aware their are many types of commercial cookers out their and you are probably thinking were to purchase yours from.We first want to point out that we were once in the same position as yourself’s deciding who we should be distributors for.However after a lot of research by asking our customers and personally visiting manufacturers we decided to stick to this brand.

Our commercial cookers are not the cheapest on the market in fact it is the most expensive.So let us explain why this is and what is the difference.

First main point which is very important for your business is  that you have to purchase gas appliances which are CE approved.Our manufacturer who are based in the UK are CE approved.

Secondly which we have already given you an indication is that all materials used to manufacture this commercial cooker is purchased of high quality and from the UK.

This commercial cooker is sprayed with a durable paint and powder coated by professionals.So you wont start to see the paint coming off on you on the first day of use.

With all of our commercial cookers like our 6 burner commercial cooker,9 burner commercial cooker and 12 burner commercial cookers.We supply spice racks,containers and gas hoses.

Our commercial cookers are very easy to clean with the option of  having the top plate made to fit in to your sink.All burners are detachable so you can clean if burner holes get blocked.

Now remember this cooker comes with a flame safety device so when you light your cooker you will have to keep the flame safety device pressed for atleast 20 seconds.This is because you have to let the thermocouple warm up.

Please look at our full range of commercial cookers and visit here if you are unable to access the commercial cooker main page.



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