Tandoori Oven For Sale

KSL have a wide range of tandoori oven for sale.

Medium Shaan Tandoori Oven For Sale

medium shaan tandoori oven for sale

This is our medium shaan tandoori oven and this particular size is our best selling tandoori oven.This tandoori oven can handle a busy restaurant and fast food outlet with ease.With its powerful 16kw burner it can heat up this tandoori oven in no time.The size of this tandoori oven is just perfect because it can fit in to your kitchen without having to assemble on site.Buy this tandoori oven now for £750.00.Tandoori oven dimensions width 28″ depth 30″ height 34″

Large Shaan Tandoori Oven For Sale

large shaan tandoori oven for sale

This is our large shaan tandoori oven and this tandoori clay oven is our second best seller.This tandoori oven in most cases has to be assembled on site due to its large sized clay pot.Again it has the same 16kw powerful tandoori burner and has the exact same look only bigger.Buy this tandoori oven now for only £850.00.Dimensions for our large shaan tandoori oven width 31″ depth 34″ height 34″

Taftoon Oven For Sale

tandoori oven for sale

This is our taftoon oven also known as a tanoor oven.This product is highly recommended for Persian and Kurdish restaurants.Why because their naans are a much bigger sized naan therefore require the height which is created by the 45 degree slope on clay pot.This size is our best and fastest seller this also comes with the exact same 16kw tandoor oven burner.Buy this taftoon oven now for only £1,195.00.Dimensions for our tanoor oven width 28″ depth 39.5″ height 47″

Mosaic Tandoori Oven For Sale

tandoori oven for sale

Now this is our beautiful mosaic tandoori oven for sale.The clay pot is the exact dimensions as our medium tandoori oven.Buy this beautiful mosaic tandoori oven now for only £1,650.00

Domestic Tandoori Oven For Sale

tandoori oven for sale

This is our domestic tandoori oven for sale.The tandoori burner is much smaller than all the above mentioned.This is a must have in your home kitchen for a healthier living.Buy this domestic tandoori oven now for only £595.00.Dimensions for our domestic tandoori oven width 22″ depth 23″ height 29″

Tandoori Oven Burner For Sale

Tandoori oven for sale

This is our powerful 16kw tandoori oven burner for sale.Buy this tandoori oven burner now for only £110.00.

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