Clay Oven Small Sized Shaan Tandoori Clay Oven


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Clay Oven Small Sized Shaan Tandoori Clay Oven

Our small sized shaan tandoori clay oven is not a common size used for commercial kitchen’s.This clay oven is commonly bought for domestic use although it is a commercial clay oven.

The clay oven is made from stainless steel casing with hand crafted clay pot in the centre. The clay oven is of the finest quality and is strengthened using traditional natural materials which have been used for centuries in the making of clay oven pots.

Clay Oven Description

– Hardened inner surface
– Stone clay body (2 inch)
– Hard coated outer surface
– Reinforcement metal rings
– Triple layer insulation
– Spillage improved top casing
– External sauce containers
– Disposal tray (for easy cleaning)

– Power efficiency
– Energy saver
– Long lasting design
– Flame nosle dirt protection
– Cast iron gas plate

Clay Oven Technical Data

-Size 1

-Outer casing dimensions height 840 mm width 680 mm depth 710 mm

Clay Oven pot dimensions center 610 mm top 304 mm

Due to the size of this clay oven it is very convenient and practical for everyday cooking for home use.Although we have a domestic sized clay oven for home use some find it too small for everyday cooking.For this sole reason we have introduced this particular sized clay oven.Which is not too big and not too small for your everyday home use.

Many restaurant owners still purchase this clay oven due to the limited space in their kitchen,but we highly recommend minimum size 2 clay oven no matter how busy you are.

We have been specializing in tandoori clay oven’s since 2007 and know which product will best suit you,thanks to our customers feedback and support.

Their are many other types of clay oven available to buy but we only supply and distribute shaan.

So why not purchase your first clay oven small sized shaan tandoori clay oven from a reputable company you can trust and care about you.

Please call us on 01922 660412 between 8am and 6pm or email us on between 8am and 12 midnight.



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