Stainless Steel Cooker



Stainless Steel Cooker

We will soon be introducing the new Stainless Steel Cooker.This product will very soon be entering in to the market.

Our new range of stainless steel cookers will be manufactured outside of the UK but all UK tested flame safety device and valves will be used to build this commercial cooker.

The cooker looks exactly the same as our 12 or 9 burner commercial cookers which we currently sell on our online store.The only difference is that instead of having the frame of the commercial cooker built out of mild steel it will be built with 304 stainless steel.

The benefit of this is that your commercial cooker will not be powder coated black and will remain the same as it is stainless steel.

Also the weight of the cooker will reduce by approximately 30% this is in advantage for our outside of UK customers.

Power and efficiency will remain exactly the same.This stainless steel cooker will look really nice next to your stainless steel tables.

We are hoping to start selling this product by end of January 2014 and remember no other commercial cooker manufacturers will be able to beat our price because of the stainless steel cooker frame being imported from outside of the UK.

We are going to offer a special discount to our first 10 customers who place their order by the end of January 2015.

We at KSL are always promoting new catering equipment’s that will be beneficial for your business.We only promote catering equipment’s that we believe will be of high standards and quality.

We at KSL will not promote a product if we believe the product will not be in any benefits to our customers.

For more information on our stainless steel cooker please contact us on 01922 660412 between 8am/6pm or email us on between 8am/12 midnight.



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